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One line review: this book started as a thriller novel, and then became a reference book!

As the title suggests, Reza Kamarei tries to answer the big question about Fate: is it predetermined and drives our lives, or we can control/manage it?

Logically thinking, it is not difficult to answer this question. What we call as fate is actually based on various factors and subfactors. For example, where we are born, to whom we are born, in what circumstances we grow, where we study, how much marks we score, etc. determine our fate.

This book takes this discussion to the next level by scientifically approaching this problem and trying to list down most, if not all, factors under specific headings. For each factor, Reza Kamarei gives a detailed description (actually, this page has more than 1000 definitions!) and asks us to answer a simple question: did this factor affect our life? If yes, how?

By the time you reach the end of the book, answers to these simple questions help us answer the big question about “fate or not”. In fact, the author gives a detailed process on how to approach the bigger problem step-by-step, and he warns us not to rush.

I would call this book a mini encyclopaedia of life. Some of the chapters tell amazing (and real) stories, especially the one about the growth of a human baby inside the mothers’ womb, and almost all of them make us stop and think about our own lives: can we understand what ‘fate’ really means, and can we control it?

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What happens when a young fellow decides to move from a small city to a very large city?

In this age of globalisation, It sounds like a simple thing to do. There are websites, social media, phone numbers, apps… you need to click a few buttons and that’s it. You will be in a new city.

But the reality is not that simple. Systems come secondary and suddenly human emotions take over. While everything can be planned, it is not easy to predict and manage the various relationships you have.

That’s what Kevin finds when he tries to move to Chicago from his small town. He has his parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues and a girl friend to handle, while making this move. He carefully plans and executes it, but it doesn’t go as per his plan and this novel describes his confusions and reactions very well.

It is a short novel, you can finish reading it in 90 minutes or less. But it captures a snap shot from today’s youth, which is much different from the picture Social Media world shows us. Even though Kevin handles it very well, we see how things can go wrong and how it is all part of learning.

I liked this novel a lot, just felt the last paragraph was too short: I see a follow-up novel which details this important portion!

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26 01 2017


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