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Book Review: The Compulsive Move by Phillip Cornell

Posted on: January 26, 2017

What happens when a young fellow decides to move from a small city to a very large city?

In this age of globalisation, It sounds like a simple thing to do. There are websites, social media, phone numbers, apps… you need to click a few buttons and that’s it. You will be in a new city.

But the reality is not that simple. Systems come secondary and suddenly human emotions take over. While everything can be planned, it is not easy to predict and manage the various relationships you have.

That’s what Kevin finds when he tries to move to Chicago from his small town. He has his parents, siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues and a girl friend to handle, while making this move. He carefully plans and executes it, but it doesn’t go as per his plan and this novel describes his confusions and reactions very well.

It is a short novel, you can finish reading it in 90 minutes or less. But it captures a snap shot from today’s youth, which is much different from the picture Social Media world shows us. Even though Kevin handles it very well, we see how things can go wrong and how it is all part of learning.

I liked this novel a lot, just felt the last paragraph was too short: I see a follow-up novel which details this important portion!

You can read more about this novel here.


N. Chokkan …

26 01 2017


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