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Space Story: The Spaceacle

Posted on: March 6, 2017

The Spaceacle

By N. Mangai


Once there were two astronauts called Jimmy and Timmy. They both were best friends. They once travelled to space in a spacecraft. They came out of their spacecraft and saw an amazing sight.

Suddenly, another spacecraft came nearby. They saw a boy come out of that spacecraft. It was Manish, their friend. All three of them exchanged high-fives and then started roaming around the space.

At that time, a miracle, I mean, a spaceacle happened. All the planets started talking.

First, The Sun spoke, ‘Hello Friends, What are you doing today?’

The Mars and The Saturn answered in Chorus, ‘The usual Mr Sun, we are revolving around you.’

‘Good’ told the Sun. ‘Who else is around?’

‘The Venus’ answered the Mars. ‘But, for some reason, he is angry.’

‘Angry? Why?’

‘No one knows!’ told the Saturn carelessly, ‘Forget it, let us continue our business.’

While they were discussing this, the main villain of this story, a comet, approached the Venus, ‘Hai Friend, care to join me in a great mission?’

‘What Mission?’

‘Let us destroy the Sun from the solar system and make you the centre of the universe.’

‘Wow. That sounds cool’, told Venus, ‘If that happens, I will make you my space minister.’

‘Thank you my lord’, told Comet dramatically, ‘Now, can we execute our mission?’

‘What can we do to destroy the sun?’

‘Simple, we will revolve around him and when he is not noticing, we will slice through him. That will be the end of Sun. Hahaha’ laughed comet.

Venus doubted if it will be that easy. But he joined the comet anyway.

They both went near the sun and started rotating rapidly. They were waiting for the right opportunity to cut it.

But unknown to them, Mars had already informed the Sun about their plan. So, the Sun was well prepared for the planned attack.

However, when the comet and the Venus went near the sun, they started sweating a lot. They couldn’t go any further.

So, Venus abandoned its plan and went back to its business of revolving around the sun. But the comet didn’t give up. It went nearer and nearer to the Sun. It was confident of cutting Sun soon.

But, that never happened. After some time, the Comet failed in its mission and returned too. It darted away.

Jimmy, Timmy and Manish saw all these and were surprised that planets also play silly games like this. They went back to earth to tell this story to their other friends.

But, My dear friends, who will believe them?


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1 Response to "Space Story: The Spaceacle"

Loved the Story. Our Daugther enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks a lot mangai.

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