Naga Chokkanathan

Travel Agent Feedback

Posted on: November 27, 2017

Avoid this agent, even if he gives you a trip for free: “Felix Feria”, Earlier known as “Happy holidays”:

I took a 4 day trip to andaman through this agent and that’s the worst travel, business or personal, I ever took. He booked us only on cheap hotels, he sent us only small vehicles causing tonnes of inconvenience, his people didn’t know how to handle luggages right, the hotels which he booked only offered us basic food which was also not very tasty, never served on time, sometimes we had to run behind them for food. Some of the rooms he gave us were full of cockroaches, and the only solution they had was spray some chemical and make it difficult for you to breathe, nothing happens to those cockroaches, of course.

Almost after every meal, I could see that members staying in our hotel going out for a real meal. I have a feeling nearby restaurants are paying these hotels to serve horrible food, so that they can do good business.

In one of the hotels we stayed, a friend was treated in an unprofessional, rude manner for some simple matter. They charged him a premium for something and refused to give him a bill, any one can guess where all that money goes.

The trip experience was so horrible (with some nice beach visits in between), i thought of escaping from the island. That’s when I realized why the British rulers used this island as a jail, it’s not easy to escape from here, especially when the person who brought you here charges premium, but gives you a below average service.

This agent was so unprofessional, I would strongly recommend everyone to avoid him at any cost. He is a directory of cheap services and use him at your own risk.


Naga Chokkanathan

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