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Let me start with a frank comment, I never thought I will be reviewing a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) product in my blog. I have reviewed books, but mints? Come on!

But guess what, Ultramintz are different and worth a review, really!


Almost every brand is coming up with a premium version now, and ultramintz is the latest entrant in the peppermint category, Costs about fifty rupees for 60 mints. Compare this to the standard two rupees, or three rupee variants available in the market, and you know the need to make it drastically different, else, it will be rejected by the market.

Thankfully, MintO Company has managed this with Ultramintz. It is a luxury product, yet, pure value for money.


First, Ultramintz is sugar free. So, if you are counting calories (like many Indians), This is something you can have without worrying about your hip size.

Next, almost every ingredient in Ultramintz is important directly from the land where it is most popular. This makes sure that the product stays top notch when it comes to quality.

Finally, Ultramintz is packaged really nice. When I saw the box for the first time, I really thought someone has sent me some jewel, carboard box, metal box, velvet layer, cute dispenser inside the box… everything about this brand shouts class and this packaging is the first impression you will have and like.

Next, you take an ultramintz in your hand and wonder, ‘is it worth all the hype? It looks super small.’

Forget this thought for a moment, pop in that mintz in your mouth and try it. Within few seconds, you will know why this product is so popular among its target audience. Ultramintz, true its name gives you ultra satisfaction. It doesn’t melt in your mouth, at the same time, not too hard also, slowly and steadily it satisfies your taste buds and suddenly, it is not there and you need one more!


Not just the taste, the refreshing feeling you get after completing an ultramintz is amazing, and beyond words. That is the USP for this product I assume.

Just to be sure, I decided to test this with much younger consumers, my daughter and her friends. They all liked it.

MintO has done a very good job in terms of design, manufacturing and marketing this product. I see tons of television ADs and other forms or advertising talking about this product. On the social media also, they have made great inroads among their target audience, young Indian consumers.

Few ideas that I wanted to suggest to team MintO:

1. While the product is good, it may be expensive for a trial. For the benefit of those who want to just see how the product looks like, before making the actual purchase, consider a sample pack in range of Rs 10 or so

2. Indian market loves flavors, Try to add more masala to the plain Ultramintz you have today

3. Make the product available in more places. As of now, I only see them in high super markets

Thanks Ultramintz for the opportunity to try and review their product!


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