Naga Chokkanathan


Mamatha was asking for a small trip.

She didn’t care which place it is. As long as it is away from this busy city, she was fine. She wanted some personal time to connect with herself and with her husband.

Rahul, her loving husband couldn’t understand why they need this to reconnect. He loved her, She loved him, they both knew it. Isn’t that enough? He was a busy executive and wanted to do a value assessment of this trip. According to him, it was not required.

While this conversation was going on between them, a friend invited them to his marriage reception. They went in a taxi and attended it.

When coming back, Rahul met his boss who offered to drop them back in their place. They tried to refuse, but his boss didn’t accept. ‘We have place for two of you, come on!’

But, his car was too small. Rahul and Mamatha had to sit in the back seat with his boss’s kids and they found it really difficult and unmanageable.

However, few minutes after the car started, Rahul felt something strange. He and his wife were sitting so close to each other, which brought him back the memories of his college days when they were love birds, sitting in a bike or a movie theatre cuddling each other. He could understand what his wife means when she talks about reconnecting. A small, caring touch can bring back that magic and that’s what she wants. Being busy and successful is important. At the same time, love should always be the refresher.

Of course, Once they entered home that night, Rahul told Mamatha that he will be applying for leave and planning for the trip as soon as possible. Sometimes, you need that reminder, exactly like how this video from Parachute Advansed Body Lotion shows:


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