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Freelancer Writers/ Translators can’t work 100% offline, We need WWW for few things like research, checking some word etc.

So, we decide to work “Online”.

But, every time we switch from Work to Browser for some work related check, we “Want to” also check Email, Facebook etc. and get distracted. This affects the productivity in a HUGE way. In my case, a connected PC makes me almost 50% slower (Means, I spend 3 hours for a translation which I would have done in 2 hours, if these distractions are not there).

I found a neat solution to this problem. Use a disconnected PC, with a connected Phone/ Tablet.

Now, you can still switch, but that is not as easy as Alt + tab. I have to consciously move away from my device, check what I want and come back to work.

But, remember, if you get distracted in a Phone and end up playing a game/ watching a video/ checking facebook, twitter etc. this trick won’t work 😉


Naga Chokkanathan …

05 06 2015



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