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Bangaloreans, Landmark #Bangalore 50% sale starts from tomorrow!

They give some very good price for a limited set of books. But for those who have seen it before, it is a tricky game 🙂

Usually, Landmark starts at 50% discount sale and every week they will increase the discount percentage to 60%, 70%, 80% & reach 90% after a month or so.

But it is tricky, You can’t wait for a better discount. Someone will grab your favorite book before you get the ideal discount 🙂

Sometimes, it will happen in reverse, I bought a book at Rs 199 (it was a great deal!), two weeks later, same book was available for Rs. 99. Should I feel happy that I got a 2000 Rs book at Rs. 199, or worry that I lost Rs 100 by not waiting for two weeks? :)))

During the final week of the sale, you will only find few hundred books there, but they will be heavily discounted (usually 90% off, You only pay 10% of the price :)) If you find something interesting in that pile, you are lucky.

So, when will you buy your favorite book? @ 50%? or 70%? or 90%? What if you miss the book by waiting too long? Is it worth waiting for a higher discount? It is an interesting case study on buyer psychology.



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